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A holistic approach to health & fitness:


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I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM  – National Academy of Sports Medicine), qualified Level 3 personal trainer and an Level 4 sports massage therapist. I am also a Boxercise coach, a kettlebell cardio (KBC) instructor, fitness photographer and a freelance writer on postural dysfunction, musculoskeletal neck and back pain. As a former sufferer, I fully understand the problems that are related to these conditions.  My book: ‘A practical guide to the self management of lower back pain, a holistic approach to health & fitness’ is now available from AuthorHouse.co.uk (or .com) & Amazon: Hard & paperback & E-book are now available. (Simply search for James Tang or the title of the book)


The book contains the following topics which may be of interest to you:

There are 9 chapters, 60,000 words & 242 pages with interesting topics including:

  • Causes of lower back pain
  • Self-management of lower back pain through treatment of trigger points, flexibility training & strengthening exercises.
  • Obesity & back pain – metabolism & nutrition; exercises for weight loss: cardiovascular exercises, resistance training & high interval intensity training.
  • Corrective exercises for postural dysfunction.
  • Flat feet & lower back pain.
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction & back pain
  • The best way to sleep for back pain sufferers.

The majority of the population spend their working lives in prolonged seated or incorrect postures, with resultant musculoskeletal problems. As a former dentist and a victim of such disorders, I was determined to find a solution. Unfortunately, there was no constructive or consistent advice. I was completely bewildered by this and simply could not understand why my back problems were recurring. I am sure this frustration is ubiquitous!

Of course, there are numerous books on musculoskeletal pain but there is nothing on the holistic approach to general health and fitness and the self-management of musculoskeletal conditions. This book is a practical guide; it combines all the different modalities in a logical and systematic programme, firstly by recognising the possible causes of your predicament and secondly by effectively managing it to prevent recurrence.





Since the mid-1980s, the wealth of technology and automation has reduced the amount of physical activity being undertaken. People are generally more inactive and therefore musculoskeletal pain becomes more prevalent, leading to muscular imbalance and dysfunction.

I can carry out a full postural analysis for you to ascertain whether there are any postural deviations or muscle imbalances. I will then be able to manage your back problems holistically through sports massage, teaching you the corrective exercises which will strengthen your weakened muscles and stretch the tightened ones. I can also introduce you to self-myofascial release techniques so you can manage your trigger points (muscle tightness) at home. In addition, I will help you to prevent back problems in the future by teaching you some core stability exercises which will strengthen your core musculatures.

If you are interested in building muscles or in weight loss, as a sports nutritionist I can work with you to create a diet plan that is specific to your requirements. This can then be implemented in conjunction with the appropriate type of exercises according to your own personal goals.

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Personal Training

Health Addiction Personal Training supplies a bespoke advice service for personal training and nutrition plans in order to help you achieve your body transformation goals – our motto is  For a Better Body and a Better Life.


Who needs a personal trainer?

You may want to get fit and exercise regularly but you don’t quite have the motivation. You may want to discover your dream body but you’re unsure about where to start. You may even go to the gym but after a positive start you’re not seeing the results you hoped for. If any of this sounds familiar, then you need a personal trainer!

What do we offer?

The advantage of using a personal trainer is that we are here to take care of you and you alone.

There would no longer be crowded gym classes where you can hardly see what the instructor is doing at the front. We are completely dedicated to your body and we can select exercises based on the parts of your body that you want to work. In order to provide you with a tailored session, we will take account of your goals and your fitness levels as well as any medical conditions.

Another significant advantage of using a personal trainer is that they will constantly motivate you to go beyond your limits and thus make progress.

Often, this motivational push is just what’s required.

Service Provided

Our role is to provide you with a comprehensive one-on-one educational fitness programme to assist you to achieve your fitness goals. We will teach you and help you to exercise correctly, and educate, motivate, plan and coach you so that you can get the best from your workouts and your made-to-measure exercises and nutritional plans.

If you suffer from back problems, we will conduct a postural analysis in order to establish the most suitable treatment and prevention programme for you, including sports massages, exercises to strengthen your core and stretches to improve your flexibility.

We usually provide hourly sessions during which you are coached through your workouts, whether you are using weights, kettlebells, cardiovascular machines, or core or flexibility training. During your workouts, we monitor and record your progress using methods such as BMI (body mass index), body composition and heart-rate levels. This enables us to give you advice on any lifestyle changes that may be required and more general information about health and nutrition.

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James is a very knowledgeable fitness professional. He takes time to understand the goals you are trying to achieve and knows how to get you there. James is currently assisting me to get back to basic in core strength to help me with my long term back problems. I appreciate the time and effort he puts into my program.


James has helped me lose one stone of weight and 15% body fat. I am in the best shape of my life. I’m stronger and fitter and feel so much more confident entering the gym with a programme I can follow myself outside of his sessions. He has educated me on how to stay lean in the future and keep the weight off (diet advice). I would recommend anybody to train with James.

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